Cookies policy

This website uses cookies to facilitate browsing the site as well as improve the user experience.
What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file that the website builds and that the user's browser stores. This file contains useful information for the website about user activity for different purposes.

You can expand the information in this regard at and other sites.
How do we use cookies?

According to the functionality we give to cookies, we divide them into three groups:

1. Monitoring Cookies

2. Operating Cookies

3. Advertising Cookies
1. Monitoring Cookies

These cookies collect information on the use of the page by the user: The pages you visit within our site, the time that remains in each of them, the links that follow, etc. This service is provided by Google Analytics, which creates its own cookies, outside this website.

Monitoring cookies allow the administrator to improve the user experience on our website. With this information we can know which sections are most visited and which less, being able to enhance them in various ways.
2. Operating Cookies

The operating cookies serve to remind the website of certain parameters that the user has previously selected. These are the ones that provide a correct operation of the web, being essential for the correct use of it.

Examples of use of this type of cookies are the login by users in the areas in which it is necessary; remember the products you have selected to store in the shopping cart; changes in the appearance of the web; etc.
3. Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies are useful for remembering the products that interest users most. This allows different advertising agents to show the ads that are more attractive to the user, thus obtaining a greater impact.

These cookies are outside the website. They are provided by different trusted services, such as Google AdSense, Amazon, ExoClick, Facebook, etc.
Cookies Settings

All browsers allow you to configure the use of cookies. Although it is not advisable to deactivate them, you can always do so by accessing the appropriate section within the preferences of your web browser. Here are some tutorials to configure the cookies of the majority browsers: